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CLASSIC PLAYS: 1900-1929

Classic Plays: 1900s

1902 (5-11 Feb): TWO GENTLEMEN OF VERONA (New Theatre, Oxford)
Oxford University Dramatic Society: Gilliat, Kenworthy-Browne, MacGregor, Liddle, Viscount Tiverton [8pp; a remarkable survivor!] (£9) SOLD

1908: HENRY V (Lyric)
Lewis Waller, Patrick Digan, J.H.Napper, Franklin Dyall, Hugo Cunningham, Reginald Dane, Halliwell Hobbes, J H Irvine, H Cronin Wilson, Shiel Barry, Cecil Du Gue, Frank Ridley, A E George, S B Brereton, Caton Woodville, St A Bentley, Herbert Jarman, Harry Duff, Alec F. Thompson, Robert Bolder, Louis Calvert (as Pistol), Hubert Druce, Owen Roughwood, J R Sinclair, A J Gade, William Devereux, C Branscombe, May Chevalier, Madge Titheradge (as Katharine), Dora Hole, Minnie Griffin, Fay Davis (as Chorus) [24pp, 5x7.25; photographic cover (Waller as Henry V); consists of cast list and essay on the play by Sidney Lee] (£7) SOLD

Classic Plays: 1910s

1914: THE DYNASTS - Thomas Hardy (Kingsway Theatre)
Henry Ainley, Esme Beringer, Carrie Haase, Nicholas Hannen, Rutland Barrington, Sydney Valentine, Murray Carrington, Allan Jeayes and large cast [14pp, 5x6.25, printed in red and black on heavyweight paper; "abridged for the stage and produced by Harley Granville Barker: Part First - Trafalgar, Part Second - The Peninsula, Part Third - Waterloo"; with texts of the special prologue and epilogue written for this production by Hardy, decoration by Norman Wilkinson, songs set to folk airs selected and adapted by Cecil Sharp, Kingsway Theatre Seating Plan; minor marks, else VG; very attractive programme, and uncommon] (£6) SOLD

1912: TWELFTH NIGHT(Savoy)
Lillah McCarthy, Henry Ainley, Evelyn Millard, Leon Quartermaine, dir:Granville Barker [8pp; famous influential production; some annotations on cast list; "seen Thurs. afternoon Feb. 20. 1912. with Dorothy" written on cover] (£9) SOLD

1913: MERCHANT OF VENICE (Theatre Royal, Drury Lane)
Sir Johnston Forbes-Robertson, Gertrude Elliott, Basil Gill, Robert Atkins [4pp; 8.75x11.25; "His last appearances in London"; large size programme, with decorative cover in red - Click for larger scan] (£12) SOLD

Classic Plays: 1920s

1923: THE RUSSIAN BLUEBIRD THEATRE from Moscow (New Scala Theatre)
The King Called For His Drummer, Cupid, The Lady and The Moor, Vanka-Tanka, Catherine The Great etc. etc.; M.Dmitrieff, Mme.Arenzwari, M.Hadshi, M.Victor Henkin, M.Ucrainsky, Mdlle.Sasoneva, M.Lucatshevitsh, M.Preobrajentsky, M.Libidins; under the Artistic Direction of J.Yuzhny [20pp, 5.5x8.5; full details of the programme, articles etc.; fascinating theatre doodles on back cover, else VG] (£4) SOLD

1925: THE RIVALS - R. B. Sheridan (Lyric, Hammersmith)
Norman V. Norman, Douglas Burbidge, Claude Rains (as Faulkland), Nigel Playfair, Guy Lefeuvre, Geoffrey Wincott, Miles Malleson, Scott Russell, Dorothy Green (as Mrs. Malaprop), Isabel Jeans, Beatrix Thomson, Angela Baddeley; produced by Nigel Playfair [10pp; excellent stylish programme in decorative cover] £5

1926: THE WOULD-BE GENTLEMAN - adapted from Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme of M. de Moliere by F. Anstey (Lyric, Hammersmith)
Florence McHugh, Edmond X. Kapp, Miles Malleson, Nigel Playfair (as M. Jourdain), James Whale, Hubert Langley, Gerald Ames, Richard Goolden, Syney Fairbrother, William Stack, Fay Yeatman, Carleton Hobbs, George Bishop, Violet Graham, Arnold Pilbeam; produced by Nigel Playfair [10pp; cast list, synopsis of scenes, credits; excellent stylish programme in decorative cover; tiny bite out of cover, else VG] (£4) SOLD

1927: DRACULA - Hamilton Deane, from Bram Stoker's novel (Grand Theatre, Leeds)
Hamilton Deane and his Company, Direct From His Record London Season In the most Sensational Play of Modern Times: W.E.Holloway, Hamilton Deane, Frederic Tomlin, Freida Hearn, Ivan Butler, A.Edward Sproston, Jack Howarth, Kilda Macleod, Betty Murgatroyd, Dora Patrick [8pp, 5.5x8.5; cast list, programme of music, coming attractions; VG] (£4) SOLD

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