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These beautiful monthly publications are a superb photographic record of a bygone theatrical age. Each magazine concentrates on a single show then running in London's West End, and the many production photographs are accompanied by quotations from the script. If you've never seen one of these wonderful magazines, you'll be amazed at how vividly they evoke the spirit of a vanished theatrical era.

As well as lavish photographic coverage of a single production, these magazines usually include an editorial, a cast list, the story of the play, general theatrical comment and stylish period advertisements. Most spines are slightly rubbed and staples beginning to rust, but except where noted, the content of these magazines is in excellent condition.

The Play Pictorial: 1900s

PlayPict/1902 No.2 - A COUNTRY MOUSE (Criterion/27.2.02)
Gerald du Maurier, J D Beveridge, Miss Vane Featherston, Miss Granville, Annie Hughes [44pp; 35+ excellent photos; cover detached, else VG] (£7) SOLD

PlayPict/1902 No.3 - THE TOREADOR - Ivan Caryll & Lionel Monckton (Gaiety/17.6.01)
Marie Studholme, George Grossmith Jr., Gertie Millar, Emilie Herve, Olive May, Nancy Langtyre, Millicent Vernon, Florence Warde, Lydia West, Harry Gratton, Lionel Mackinder, Ethel Sydney, Queenie Leighton, Violet Lloyd, Edmund Payne, Connie Ediss, Herbert Clayton, Fred Wright [44pp; 50+ excellent photos; centre pages loose, else VG] (£7) SOLD

PlayPict/1902 No.4 - QUALITY STREET (Vaudeville)
Ellaline Terriss, Seymour Hicks, George Shelton, Rosina Filippi [44pp; 40+ excellent photos; centre pages loose, else VG] £7

PlayPict/1902 No.8 - A COUNTRY GIRL (Daly's)
Olive Morrell, Willie Warde, Gilbert Porteous, Rutland Barrington (as the Rajah of Bhong), Aileen D'Orme, Gracie Leigh, Huntley Wright, Hayden Coffin, Charles Angelo [44pp; magnificent colour plates, musical excerpts from 3 numbers, 40+ excellent photos; centre pages loose, VG] (£7) SOLD

PlayPict/1903? No.11 - THE ADMIRABLE CRICHTON (Duke of York's/4 November 1902)
H B Irving, Irene Vanbrugh, Henry Kemble, Sybil Carlisle, Muriel Beaumont, Carter Pickford, Compton Coutts, Margaret Fraser, Clarence Blakiston, Gerald du Maurier, Pattie Browne, J C Buckstone, Fanny Coleman [40pp; excellent photos; cover missing, minor corner damage, centre pages loose, photos and text clean] (£5) SOLD

PlayPict/1903 No.12 - THE CLANDESTINE MARRIAGE (Haymarket/17 March 1903)
Mrs Charles Calvert (as Mrs Heidelberg), Lionel Rignold, Beatrice Ferrar (as Miss Sterling), Carlotta Zerbini, A E Matthews, Eric Lewis, Cyril Maude (as Lord Ogleby), Allan Aynesworth, Maidie Hope, Violet Darrell, Albert Bernard, George Trollope, Vivian Robins, Jessie Bateman (as Fanny Sterling) [40pp, 9x11.75; 50+ excellent production photos, historical note, story of the play etc.; cover loose with some edge damage - a somewhat tatty copy, but with contents intact] £4

PlayPict/1903? No.15 - A CHINESE HONEYMOON (Strand)
Marie Dainton, Lily Elsie, Arthur Williams, Picton Roxborough, E Boyd-Jones, Jenny Lowes, Percy Clifton, Farren Soutar [40pp; 60+ excellent photos, excerpts from 2 musical numbers; lacks covers, else VG] (£4) SOLD

PlayPict/1903? No.17 - BILLY'S LITTLE LOVE AFFAIR (Criterion)
Eva Moore, Charlotte Granville, Allan Aynesworth, Sam Sothern, Mark Kinghorne, Charles Groves, Florence St.John [36pp; 45+ excellent photos; cover missing, centre pages loose, minor marks, else good] (£5) SOLD

PlayPict/1903? No.19 - THE ORCHID Part 1 (Gaiety)
Harry Gratton, Gabrielle Ray, George Grossmith Jr., Phyllis Blair, Olive May, Fred Wright, Gertie Millar, Connie Ediss, Ethel Sydney, Lionel Mackinder, Arthur Hatherton, Edmund Payne, Kitty Mason, Madge Rossmore, L Roy, Ethel Christine [48pp; 50+ excellent photos; complete magazine; VG] (£9) SOLD

PlayPict/1904 No.27 - MERELY MARY ANN - Zangwill (Duke of York's/8.9.04)
Eleanor Robson, Henry Ainley, Ada Dwyer, Mabel Garden, Hubert Willis, Susie Vaughan [36pp; 55+ excellent photos; cover missing, else VG] (£5) SOLD

PlayPict/1904 No.30 - THE TAMING OF THE SHREW (Adelphi/29.11.04)
Lily Brayton, Oscar Asche, Charles Rock, E Lyall Swete, Pamela Gaythorne, Charles Angelo, Walter Hampden, Herbert Grimwood, Alfred Brydone [40pp; 40+ excellent photos; w.separate two-colour portrait of Lily Brayton as Katharina; a spectacular issue; VG] (£9) SOLD

PlayPict/1906 No.50 - TRISTRAM AND ISEULT - Comyns Carr (Adelphi/4.9.06)
Lily Brayton, Matheson Lang, Oscar Asche, Gertrude Scott, H R Hignett, Hutin Britton, Edith Wynne-Matthison, Charles Rock, Herbert Grimwood, Alfred Brydone [40pp; 35+ excellent photos; complete magazine; a spectacular issue; VG] (£9) SOLD

PlayPict/1906 No.51 - THE WINTER'S TALE (His Majesty's/1.9.06)
Ellen Terry, Viola Tree, Phyllis Embury, Fisher White, Mrs.Tree, Charles Warner, Frances Leighton, Basil Gill, W H Day, O B Clarence [40pp; 20+ excellent photos; feature on Herbert Beerbohm Tree, w.5 character portraits; a spectacular issue; VG] (£8) SOLD

PlayPict/1909 No.82 - THE ARCADIANS - Monckton/Talbot (Shaftesbury/28.4.09)
Phyllis Dare, Florence Smithson, Alfred Lester, Harry Welchman, Dan Rolyat, May Kinder, Ada Blanche, Nelson Keys, Akerman May [44pp; excellent photos; complete "Special Shaftesbury Theatre Edition"; a beautiful issue; slightly flimsy, spine scuffed, else VG; uncommon] (£11) SOLD

PLAY PICTORIALS 1900s 1910s 1920s 1930s