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ThW/Dec 1926 (No.23): Photographic Portrait Feature - Binnie Hale; Scenes from YELLOW SANDS (Cedric Hardwicke, Frank Vosper, Amy Veness, Edward Petley, Susan Richmond, Ralph Richardson - review and 3 photos), HALF A LOAF (Phyllis Titmus, Dennis Eadie - review and 1 photo), THE CRADLE SONG (review and 1 photo), QUEEN HIGH (review and 1 photo), MY SON JOHN (Vera Pearce, Charles Stone, Billy Merson - review and 1 photo), THE CONSTANT NYMPH (Helen Spencer, Edna Best, Elissa Landi - 1 photo), PRINCESS CHARMING (1 photo), YVONNE (Ivy Tresmand, Mark Lester, Gene Gerrard - 1 photo), ROMANCE (Doris Keane, Owen Nares, Cecil Humphreys, Stella Rho - review and 6 photos), ESCAPE (Nicholas Hannen, Leon M. Lion - 1 photo), THE BEST PEOPLE (C.V.France, Hugh Williams, Frederick Volpe - 1 photo), TIP-TOES (Peggy Beaty - 1 photo); Reviews of 'The Diaghileff Russian Ballet', 'The Would-Be Gentleman', 'Vaudeville Vanities', 'The Doctor's Dilemma', 'A House Of Cards', 'Trelawney Of The Wells'; Photographic portraits of Margaret Bannerman, Enid Stamp-Taylor, Jean de Casalis, Mimi Crawford; Full-page feature (with photo) on Ivor Novello; Full-page caricature of George Grossmith by Bovey; The Film World: reviews of BEN HUR, BEAU GESTE, DON JUAN, BOADICEA; photo of THE ROLLING ROAD (Flora le Breton, Carlyle Blackwell), photo of THE BLACK PIRATE (Billie Dove, Donald Crisp, Douglas Fairbanks) etc. etc. [52pp, 8.75x11; cover slightly grubby, spine rubbed, else VG] (£6) SOLD


ThW/May 1927 (No.28): Photographic Portrait Feature - Alison Leggatt; Scenes from THE CONSTANT WIFE (Fay Compton, Paul Cavanagh - review and 2 photos), THE DESERT SONG (Clarice Hardwicke, Gene Gerrard, Edith Day, Harry Welchman - review and 2 photos), ABIE'S IRISH ROSE (review and 1 photo), PROFESSOR TIM (1 photo), THE VAGABOND KING (Winnie Melville, Derek Oldham, Norah Blaney - 3 photos), DOUBLE DAN (Alfred Drayton, Francis Lister, Cecily Byrne - 1 photo); Reviews of 'C.O.D.' and 'Marigold'; Photographic portraits of Jean Cadell, Peggy Beaty, Jessie Matthews; Photos of Evelyn Laye in PRINCESS CHARMING, Violet Dunn in BROADWAY, Winifred Shotter in ROOKERY NOOK, Jack Hulbert and Phyllis Dare in LIDO LADY, Edmund Gwenn, Yvonne Arnaud and Lewis Shaw in AND SO TO BED; British Repertory Theatres No.II - Liverpool (4 photos); articles on 'The Paris Stage' and 'Where to Dance in Paris'; Full-page caricature of Owen Nares by Bovey; The Film World: reviews of THE LOVE OF SUNYA, THE STUDENT OF PRAGUE, LOVE'S BLINDNESS; photo of A WOMAN REDEEMED (Brian Aherne, Joan Lockton) etc. etc. [48pp, 8.75x11; cover slightly grubby, spine rubbed, else VG] (£6) SOLD

ThW/Jun 1927 (No.29): Photographic Portrait Feature - Angela Baddeley; Scenes from MR.WHAT'S-HIS-NAME (Seymour Hicks - review and 1 photo), THE TRANSIT OF VENUS (Reginald Batty, Stafford Hilliard, Athene Seyler - review and 1 photo), LADY LUCK (Wyndham Bleugh - review and 1 photo), THE WHITE CHATEAU (review and 1 photo), THE TERROR (Henry Carlisle, Mary Glynne, Tarver Penna - 1 photo), LA CHAUVE-SOURIS (review and 1 photo), ON APPROVAL (Valerie Taylor, Ronald Squire, Edmond Breon, Ellis Jeffries - 1 photo), MARIGOLD (Angela Baddeley, Jean Cadell, Hubert Harben - 1 photo); Reviews of 'The Blue Train', 'The Terror', 'Asleep', 'One Dam Thing After Another', 'Anne - One Hundred'; Photographic portraits of Edythe Baker, Alla Nazimova in A WOMAN OF THE EARTH, Barbara Hoffe in ASLEEP, Tallulah Bankhead in THE GARDEN OF EDEN, Lily Elsie, Marie Tempest in THE MARQUISE; British Repertory Theatres No.III - Leeds Civic Playhouse (article and 3 photos); 'The Paris Stage', 'More "Dancings" in Paris'; Full-page caricature of Leslie Henson by Bovey etc. etc. [48pp, 8.75x11; cover grubby, spine rubbed, minor damage to top edge of cover and ragged sides to some pages, else VG] (£5) SOLD

ThW/Oct 1927 (No.33): Play of the Month - THE WOLVES (Olga Lindo, Betty Bolton, Malcolm Keen, Sam Livesey, Lawrence Anderson - review and 9 photos); Scenes from THE GIRL FRIEND (Louise Brown, Roy Royston - review and 1 photo), SEVENTH HEAVEN (Godfrey Tearle, Helen Menken, Fred Groves - review and 1 photo), THE SILVER CORD (Lilian Braithwaite, Brian Aherne, Clare Eames, Marjorie Mars, Denys Blakelock - review and 1 photo), BLUE SKIES (the Hamilton Sisters and Fordyce - review and 1 photo); Reviews of 'The One-Eyed Herring', 'Up With The Lark', 'The Butter and Egg Man', 'The Beloved Vagabond', 'The High Road', 'The Golden Calf', 'When Blue Hills Laughed', 'Oh, Kay!'; Full-page photographic portrait of Gwen ffrangcon-Davies; photos of Jean Cadell in MARIGOLD, Dorothy Dix and Robert Loraine in Strindberg's THE FATHER; Full-page feature (with photo) on Connie Ediss; Caricature (by Evans) of Ralph Lynn in THARK; British Repertory Theatres No.V - Bristol's Little Theatre (article and 5 photos); Theatrical Lay No.III by D.C.F. - "Such a Thrilling Play!"; The Film World: reviews of LOVES OF CARMEN, CHANG, THE FAKE, THE GHOST TRAIN, THE BATTLES OF CORONEL AND FALKLAND ISLANDS, THE WAY OF ALL FLESH; photo of SEVENTH HEAVEN (Janet Gaynor, Charles Farrell) etc. etc. [44pp, 8.75x11.25; cover slightly grubby and loose from staples, spine rubbed, else VG] (£6) SOLD


ThW/Dec 1928 (No.47): Scenes from VIRGINIA (George Gee, Marjorie Gordon, Emma Haig, John Kirby - review and 3 photos), 77 PARK LANE (Hugh Wakefield, Marion Lorne, Boris Ranevsky, W Earle Grey, Robert Holmes, Leonard Upton, Veronica Turleigh - review and 2 photos), FUNNY FACE (Renee Gadd, Adele Astaire, Fred Astaire, Rita Page - review and photo), CLOWNS IN CLOVER (Elsie Janis, Jack Hulbert - 1 photo), HER CARDBOARD LOVER (Tallulah Bankhead, Leslie Howard - 1 photo), SUCH MEN ARE DANGEROUS (Donald Wolfit, Matheson Lang - 1 photo), THE CRITIC (Arnold Pilbeam, Leslie Holland, Renee de Vaux, Murri Moncrieff, Eric Bloom - 1 photo); Reviews of 'The Mollusc', 'To What Red Hell', 'High Treason', 'The Runaways', 'Lucky Girl', 'The Critic' and 'Two Gentlemen of Soho', 'Clara Gibbings', and 'The Rose and The Ring'; Feature on Hugh Wakefield and Marion Lorne in 77 PARK LANE (; Photos of Anton Dolin in REVOLUTION (three studies), Malcolm Keen in ALWAYS AFTERNOON, Cyril Ritchard in SO THIS IS LOVE, Jack Buchanan and William Kendall in THAT'S A GOOD GIRL!, Hermione Baddeley, Gladys Cooper, Athole Stewart in EXCELSIOR, Claude Hulbert and chorus in SONG OF THE SEA, C V France, Cathleen Nesbitt in DIVERSION, Sylvia Cecil, George Vollaire, Rosetta Duncan, Myrtle Ferguson in TOPSY AND EVA (2 photos), Ivor Novello, Lilian Braithwaite in THE TRUTH GAME; Large phototographic portraits of Isabel Wilford (in A DAMSEL IN DISTRESS), Nora Swinburne , Lily Elsie and Ivor Novello (in THE TRUTH GAME), and Jessie Matthews in THIS YEAR OF GRACE!; Large caricature (by Sherriffs) of Evelyn Laye; The Film World with reviews (by David C Fairweather) of THE TRIUMPH OF THE SCARLET PIMPERNEL (with large photo of Juliette Compton), THE TERROR (by Edgar Wallace), and THE SINGING FOOL (with Al Jolson): "I wonder how many more screen idols have feet of clay and voices of tin! Time alone will show."; Features on Fashions Seen On The Stage (2 photos), Fashion Forecasts (4 photos), and Heard On The Gramophone (1 photo); Theatre Guide etc. etc. [52pp, 8.75x11.25; VG] £6

No magazines available

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