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COVENT GARDEN: up to 1939

1937 Grand Opera Coronation Season (19 April to 30 June)

1937 (6 May): ALCESTE - Gluck (ROH, CvtGdn)
Germaine Lubin (as Alceste), Renee Mahe, Jenny Bachillat, Mme.Notick, Georges Jouatte, Martial Singher (as Le Grand-Pretre), Charles Paul, Armand Narcon, Raoul Gourgues, Edmond Chastenet, Louis Noguera, Marius Cambon; c:Phillippe Gaubert [4pp, 6x9; dark blue & black on cream; cast list, story of the opera, synopsis of scenes, forthcoming repertoire] £4

1938 Season of International Opera (2 May to 17 June)

1938 (6 Jun): RIGOLETTO - Verdi (ROH, CvtGdn)
Lina Pagliughi (as Gilda), Gladys Palmer, Jose Malone, Olga De Franco, Dorothy Jennings, Beniamino Gigli (as Duca di Milano), Corrado Zambelli, Aristide Baracchi, Roderick Lloyd, Octave Dua, Frank Sale, Carlo Tagliabue (as Rigoletto); c:Vittorio Gui [16pp, 7.25x9.4; cast list, story of the opera, synopsis of scenery, credits, 20 photos of artists appearing in the season etc.; VG (this performance was broadcast)] £6

1938 English Opera Society Season (10 to 29 October)

1938 (10 Oct): FAUST in English (ROH, CvtGdn)
Frank Sale (as old Faust), Heddle Nash (as young Faust), Harold Williams (as Mephistopheles), Dennis Noble (as Valentine), Oscar Natzke, Mae Craven, Vera de Villiers, Lisa Perli (as Marguerite); c:Stanford Robinson, production supervised by Vladimir Rosing [4pp, 7.4x9.5; cast list, story of the opera, credits etc.] £5

1939 Grand Opera Season (1 May to 16 June)

1939 (16 May): TANNHAUSER (ROH, CvtGdn)
Ludwig Hofmann, Torsten Ralf (as Tannhauser), Herbert Janssen (as Wolfram), Trefor Jones, Booth Hitchen, Ben Williams, Arnold Matters, Hilde Konetzni (as Elisabeth), Anny Helm (as Venus), Stella Andreva; c:Felix Weingartner, producer:Charles Moor [16pp, 7.25x9.25; blue and red on white, centre pages; cast list, synopsis, synopsis of scenery, credits, forthcoming performances etc.; 21 photos of participating artists] (£4) SOLD

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